The heart of FACES is you.

You are the one that gives a parent the chance to come to our support group and find the compassion and strength they need to continue searching for quality care for their ill child.  You are the one that sits with us at our community education meetings while we learn about available resources that will help families move toward wellness and security.  You stand with a FACES Board member as she tells Chesterfield County Police Officers the story of her son’s journey with his illness so that they are better equipped to understand mental illness and better able to safely and effectively assist a person in crisis.  You are the center of the FACES story, part of our community, and we are beyond grateful for you. 

Your generosity permits us move forward with the positive and impactful programs mentioned above and described below.

FACES participates in the training for the Chesterfield County Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program.  CIT is a 40 hour training with the goal of positive outcomes for the person in crisis, their families, and law enforcement.  FACES is also involved in the training for new police recruits.  

FACES is a co-founding member of the Chesterfield Suicide Awareness and Prevention Coalition, which is composed of local and nationwide organizations that are dedicated to educating the public about the risk factors and preventative measures that can be taken to help a loved one in crisis and prevent a suicide.  As a member of the Coalition, FACES is instrumental in creating a well received presentation called Raise Your Voice About Suicide Prevention, drafting a Resolution to have September recognized as Suicide Prevention Month in Chesterfield County, and getting this Resolution passed by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors.  In 2020, FACES members on the Coalition focused on a state-wide program called Lock and Talk Virginia that encourages the responsible storage of medications, guns and other lethal means, and we successfully spoke with gun shop owners

FACES offers a twice a month support group.  Our second support group features an informative topic discussion session called “Ruby and Sandy Talk It Out” that is facilitated by two of FACES’ Board members who use their lived experiences to guide support group participants in an interactive discussion on topics such as Hope and Recovery,  Communication – Asking the Hard Questions, and How Diet Affects Us.  FACES holds ten community education meetings, inviting experts to talk about every aspect of caring for someone with a mental illness.

FACES is involved in many other meaningful projects and we are so proud to have you with us to make a difference in people’s lives.  You mean the world to us, and we wish you continued good health and fortune.  

Please considering making a generous donation to FACES.  Thank you. 

To make a donation, please go to our PayPal account or send a check made out to FACES, 11601 Lucks Lane, Midlothian, VA 23114.

Night to Shine Donations Needed - St. Christopher - A Roman Catholic Parish  - Chester, MD

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