Let’s Get Smarter with Melissa Ackley, LCSW on July 25th

FACES offers ten Community Education Meetings each year. Our goal is to ask the experts and those with lived experience in all aspects of the mental health and wellness field to come speak so we can find peace of mind and have less stress when caring for our loved ones with a brain disorder. Better mental health outcomes for all is our ultimate goal.

Please join us on via Zoom Tuesday, July 25, 2023 for our Community Education with the amazing Melissa Ackley of Chesterfield Mental Health.


Melissa is the Prevention Services Manager at Chesterfield Mental Health and Co-Chair of the Chesterfield Suicide Awareness and Prevention Coalition.   In these roles she coordinates and supports the implementation of individual, family and community level strategies focused on topics including substance misuse, suicide, child abuse prevention, and school readiness.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of experience working in the areas of suicide prevention, mental health, domestic violence, and parent education.   Melissa received her BA in Psychology from UVA in 1993 and MSW from VCU in 1996.  Melissa is passionate about working with others to improve the wellness of our community.  

PASS IT ON! If you know someone who would benefit from this program, please pass long this information. You can call Jill at 804-370-7081 or email at

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