Our BIG NEWS is that In April we are going back to holding an in-person support group on the first Tuesday of each month. Our first in-person meeting will be Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 7pm at FACES House located at 11601 Lucks Lane, Midlothian, VA 23114. Looking forward to seeing you there!

MARCH SUPPORT GROUP INFO: Do you feel exhausted or alone as you care for your family member that is struggling with a mental health diagnosis? We are here to help! Join Support Group on March 7, 2023 at 7pm at Zoom. Please Email Jill at facesorg1@verizon.net with any questions.

Our second support group of the month is March 21, 2023 and it features RUBY AND SANDY TALK IT OUT!

What is Ruby and Sandy Talk It Out? It is an informative topic discussion session that is facilitated by two of FACES’ long time Board members, Sandy English and Ruby Fitzgerald. Ruby and Sandy use their lived experiences to guide support group participants in an interactive discussion on topics such as “Hope and Recovery” “Communication – Asking the hard questions and how to relate to family members and friends that don’t understand when a loved one is in crisis”, “self care – simple ways to can practice self care”, and “how sugar, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco affect us, and many other relevant topics. Ruby and Sandy would also like for you to suggest topics that are important to you. Our goal is to learn and share ideas so we have more tools in our tool box when caring for our loved ones. If you have a topic that is important to you, please email Ruby and Sandy at facesorg1@verizon.net.

These are some of the topics Ruby and Sandy Talk it Out! have covered: How to Communicate with an ill Loved One, Nutrition and Mental illness, Caregivers Taking Care of Themselves, Suicide and How to Ask the Hard Question, Marijuana and Mental illness, How to Manage Stress and the Holidays, and much more!

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