Join FACES for our 13th Annual Spring Fundraiser an Silent Auction on Sunday, April 29, 2018 for a matinee showing at Swift Creek Mill Theatre of

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The fun begins Sunday, April 29 2018, doors open at 12pm, tickets are $70 per person and includes, lunch, the Classic Broadway musical Dames At Sea, and lots of fun! Our Silent Auction features beautiful artwork, hand crafted jewelry, delicious gourmet food baskets, a week’s stay at a Virginia Beach townhouse and much more! Please contact FACES 804-378-0035 or to purchase your tickets. Tickets must be purchased by April18, 2018. This fundraiser allows us to help our FACES Families and our community by keeping our bi-monthly support groups, our Community Education, and our special events free and open to the public.

Dames At Sea  is a classic toe tapping, Broadway hit.  This campy show is based on the nostalgia of Hollywood musicals of the ’30s. It’s big-time New York, into which sweet little Ruby from faraway Hometown, U.S.A. has come to make it big on Broadway. Who should she chance to meet but another boy from Hometown, U.S.A.: Dick, a sailor, who also has ambitions as a songwriter. Ruby begins in the chorus, and by the end of the day, in true Hollywood fashion, Dick saves her doomed Broadway show with a smash tune, as Ruby becomes a star on the deck of a battleship, which just happens to be passing by.

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