Join FACES as we host REVIVE! Training presented by Melissa Ackley, LCSW.  Please sign up for our March 27, 2018 Community Education Meeting at


REVIVE! is the Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education (OONE) program for the Commonwealth ofVirginia.  This Lay Rescuer training covers understanding opioids, how opioid overdoses happen, risk factors for opioid overdoses, and how to respond to stop an opioid overdose emergency with the administration of Naloxone. 

Melissa K. Ackley, LCSW is the PreventionServices Manager at Chesterfield Mental Health Support Services.  Her current focus areas include mental health promotion, suicide prevention, parent education and opioid misuse prevention.

We will meet from 7pm to 8:30pm at FACES House located at 11601 Lucks Lane, Midlothian, VA 23114.  Please contact FACES at 804-378-0035, with any questions.



What is REVIVE!?

REVIVE! is the

• Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education program for the Commonwealth of Virginia. REVIVE! provides training to professionals, stakeholders and others on how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose emergency with the administration of naloxone.

• Colla borative effort led by the

o Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

o Virginia Department of Health

o Virginia Department of Health Professions

o C ommunity organizations and other stakeholders.

M ore information can be found at – and – families/substance – abuse/revive


What is naloxone? Naloxone is a prescription drug that can reverse the effects of prescription opioid and heroin overdose, and can be helpful in preventing overdose deaths if administered in time.

What is NARCAN®? How does it differ from naloxone? NARCAN is a brand name form of the drug naloxone. NARCAN and naloxone are chemically ide ntical.

What is provided by the Health Department? Naloxone that is provided by the Health Department is the NARCAN n asal s pray and there are two doses per box. You also will receive a pair of gloves and a face shield for provider protection.

How else c an I get naloxone? Naloxone is currently available through pharmacies without an individual prescription through a standing order issued by the s tate h ealth c ommissioner.

• Not all pharmacies have naloxone, so call ahead to be sure it is available.

• Naloxone provided through the pharmacies is not free, but may be billable to your health insurance.

• Speak to your health care provider, pharmacist, or health insurance provider for details. Additional information also is available online at – addiction – in – virginia/


 Where are resources for care in my community? Information about addiction treatment, recovery services or medication resources can be found online at

. You also can visit

http://chesterf – help/

for local resources.

Who should have naloxone? Those who should consider having naloxone for an opioid overdose emergency include individuals – and their household members – who have

• experienced an opioid overdose,

• used naloxone or prescribed or non – prescribed opioids, including heroin, or who have

• received or are receiving medication for opioid use disorder, such as naltrexone, methadone or buprenorphine.

Those with the highest risk for opioid overdoses include an yone recently treated for an overdose, or anyone who has used opioids in the past and quit, including individuals released from incarceration or in – patient treatment programs.

How can I get more NARCAN if I need it? If you have previously completed the RE VIVE! training program , you can pick up free NARCAN during special walk – in clinics at the Chesterfield County Health Department.

• These clinics are held on the first and fourth Friday of each month, 2 – 3 p.m., excluding state holidays.

• No appointment is needed.

• You must bring proof of prior REVIVE! training completion (REVIVE! Card or REVIVE! Trainer Certificate) in order to receive NARCAN during these clinics.

• You do not have to be a Chesterfield County resident in order to pick up the medication during these clinics.

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